Corporate summary, history

Corporate summary

Official name: Nokyo Tourist Corporation (brand name: NTour)
Head office: 1F, TRC Annex, 6-1-1 Heiwajima, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0006
Representative: President Shimizu Kiyoo
Registration number: Tourism Agency Registered Travel Agency No. 939
Capital: 1.8 billion yen
Date of establishment: October 20, 1989
Start of operations: January 1, 1990
Number of employees: 1,120 (April 1, 2015 - now)
Sales figures: \76.9 billion (fiscal 2014)

Nokyo Tourist Corporation
International Exchange & Marketing
Tel: 0081-3-6436-8204
Fax: 0081-3-3298-7221


  1. Class 1 travel agency business (based on Travel Agency Law)
  2. Provision of leisure-related information
  3. Tourism planning, management and mediation for health resort facilities, sports facilities, farms, etc.
  4. Sales, lease and rental of travel bags for travelers
  5. Management of hotels, inns and dining establishments
  6. Cultural exchange industry
  7. Dispatching of workers
  8. Publishing and selling of business books
  9. Casualty insurance agencies
  10. Air and freight transport business
  11. Rent and management of real estate
  12. Various business related to items 1-11


  1. JR ticket selling agencies
  2. Domestic airlines agencies
  3. Institute Nippon Travel Agency Industry Association (JATA) bond guarantee member
  4. International Air Transport Association (IATA) registration agency
  5. Travel Industry Fair Trade Council member
  6. Casualty Insurance Agency

Financial transaction institution

Nohrin Central Bank, Credit Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives, Mizuho Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, etc

Company history

Nokyo Tourist Corporation (hereinafter NTour) was established in October 1989 when the tourist department of National travel Association of Agricultural Cooperatives (a company established to support the leisure and cultural activities of rural communities) separated to form an independent company that stays in close contact with communities.

NTour promotes exchanges between urban and rural communities, as well as between countries, through various operations and services that center on tourism. It also organizes tours that contribute to the future development of agriculture.

Driven by these goals, NTour has steadily grown its business since entering the huge agricultural cooperatives market and now ranks tenth in the Japanese tourism industry in terms of sales, thanks to its unique business methods and collaboration with farming communities and JA employees.?

While maintaining a close partnership with the National travel Association of Agricultural Cooperatives and JA members, NTour will continue to expand into the leisure industry, promoting harmony between people, agriculture, culture and nature around the world.