Philosophy, basic policy

Corporate philosophy

  1. Based on our philosophy of living in harmony with nature, returning to rich cultural traditions and history, and discovering new skills and knowledge, we will contribute to the development of local communities with the aim of creating a more earth-friendly leisure industry.
  2. We aim to sincerely meet the needs of every customer and nurture a vibrant corporate culture where all members of the company can pursue happiness, friendship and intellectual growth.

Basic policy

Get out, have some fun and make new friends with JA Group Friendship Tourism®.

We believe traveling is not only about tourist attractions, historic sites and the pleasure of the journey. It is also about making discoveries, learning new things, deepening relationships with fellow travelers and meeting local people. As a friendly travel coordinator, we aim to provide a traveling experience where customers can make discoveries and connections with people. We joyfully serve as a bridge for customers to meet, enrich each other's lives and open up new business opportunities.

What is the JA Group?

JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperative) is an association of unions throughout Japan that collaborates in various areas of agriculture to protect the livelihoods of members and benefit society. For example, members collaboratively procure fertilizers, pesticides and other products for agricultural production as well as market livestock and farm produce.


As a multi-purpose agricultural co-operative, JA is also involved in various types of business including savings, credit and lending, and life and building insurance. Almost all farmers in Japan are regular members of their local JA and non-farmers are increasingly becoming affiliated with JA as associate members to enjoy such services as credit and mutual insurance.

JA Group